Propane Contracts

As odd as it seems, the best time to buy propane is usually not during the winter. During the spring and summer months, we offer pricing programs that will lock in a price for propane when the cold weather is least affecting it. In addition to the locked-in price, we have options of payment that also eliminate the stress of paying for your propane in the winter when you are also trying to budget for Christmas, taxes and all of those other economic issues that seem appear over the cold time of year. You can pay for all of your winter propane during the summer or spread the payments evenly throughout the entire year. Please be sure to let us know what would work best for your budget and we can likely design something that provides many advantages.

System Installs/Maintenance

There are many components of a propane system in addition to the tank. These items include the regulators, the valves and the line in the ground. Whether you are building a new house, relocating your tank or suffering from an old system that needs to be repaired, we can assist with the entire installation of the system between the house and the tank location. These components also wear out over time, so repairs and upgrades are also services we perform daily as systems need upgrading.

Tank Sales/Lease

If you happen to have a tank that is owned by another company, too old to justify repairs, or have a new propane system that you need a tank for, we can assist by selling or leasing a tank to you that is sized appropriately for your current and future needs. Changing out or installing a tank is a common task for us to perform as customers realize the fact that we are a great source for their propane supply and service. We keep a large inventory of propane storage tanks on hand to be able to react to customers’ needs as they arise.

Propane Route Delivery

One of the best services that we offer our propane customers is the luxury of monitoring their tank for them. Either through a forecasting system or with an electronic tank monitor, we eliminate the need for our customers to have to check their own propane tank. In addition to not running out of propane, we also try to keep tanks at the appropriate level in order to take advantage market price opportunities as they present themselves.

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Leak Checks for Customer Safety

Compared to anything else we do, customer safety is the most important. For our loyal propane customers, we conduct a test of their system every few years to make sure that the components of their propane system are performing as they should and that there are no leaks or outdated items that they should be concerned about.  If our customers ever suspect that a part of their system may not be functioning properly, our entire driver team is trained and certified to test propane systems and enjoy knowing that our customers have nothing to worry about when utilizing propane for their heating, cooking, hot water or any other need.

Customer Safety/Education

Another component of our propane service is how we educate our customers. All new propane users are shown firsthand by our team how to read their tank, what components make up their propane system, how to identify the smell of gas and what to do if they suspect any of these items to not be adequate. We send all active propane customers an annual safety brochure to share with their family to remind them how safe propane is for their home or business.

Impact 4 Kids

Does your propane support local youth? Check out the Farmway Propane Impact 4 Kids Program to learn how your propane can make a big impact!