Lube Tanks

Farmway offers bulk lubricant storage for all types of lubricant users. Depending on the application, we can provide stackable totes for farm use or the entire system including tank, pump and dispensing equipment for commercial applications. We custom design the equipment to fit the purpose, as well as the volume of lubricants that you plan to utilize them for.

Lube Delivery

Farmway offers delivery on every lube product we sell. For sizable quantities, we will bring it directly to your farm or business location. If you need a small amount, we can get the product from our Beloit Distribution Center to the nearest Farmway location for you to pick up at your convenience.

Oil Sampling

If you want to know what is happening on the inside of your valuable equipment, we offer lubricant sampling to analyze many different wear points of your engine, hydraulics, transmissions or differentials. This testing looks for metal fatigue, water, foreign material or contaminants that may be causing issues faster than what can be called ‘normal’. If you are looking for a cheap insurance policy, sampling the fluids in your equipment can eliminate any very expensive surprises.

Lube Warranty

No other lubricant provider or equipment dealer offers a warranty on equipment like Farmway Co-op does. For a very small initial fee, we can enroll your new or slightly-used equipment on a program that covers any damage or failure of a lubricated part or fuel system component without the responsibility of proving that the lubricant or diesel fuel was the cause of the issue. We all know that mechanical equipment wears over time, and this warranty is provided only to show that Farmway believes that the lubricant and fuel we sell are the best choice to eliminate any equipment downtime for your operations.

Lube Products

Be sure to check out all of the lubricant products that Farmway carries. From tubes of grease to oil for your four-wheeler, we have all products to keep your truck, car, combine, tractor, semi, ATV or any other piece of equipment properly lubricated with the highest quality product that you can find. We choose not to sell standard quality items that you find at most competitor locations. We take pride in the products we offer, and know that you are using what we consider to be the best if you take advantage of our line of lubricants. From the quart to the hundreds of gallons of bulk oil in our warehouse, we are sure to find the right product for you.

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Lubricants Recommendation Tool

Don’t know what Lubricant Products work best for your Car, SUV, Truck, Agricultural Equipment or Off-highway Equipment? Look no further, click here for the Lubricant Recommendation Tool for all your needs.

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