Propane Impact 4 Kids Benefits Area School Districts

From the Energy Staff at Farmway Co-op, we want to say hello to you. As an employee group, we challenged ourselves to find a way to give back to our rural communities in a way that was focused around a local partner.  We could think of no better partner than the schools tasked with the development of our local youth.  The result of that idea created a strong partnership between Farmway and USD 240, USD 224, and USD 307, to work towards improving the opportunities that our local students have to make the most of their education.  Farmway Co-op has committed to return five cents per gallon for every eligible propane gallon delivered to tanks within the three district boundaries, or sold on a Winter contract, without passing any of that commitment on to the customer.  In addition, tanks will not need to be enrolled in the program in order for the gallon to be applied.  If you are already a customer of Farmway within a qualifying district, you are already participating.

Our entire business is focused around rural America, and the good people that live in it. We want to be proud of our efforts to provide energy to our customers, and this program is one of the things we hope to offer that gives us a large sense of pride as we deliver propane to the tanks within the districts of USD 240, USD 224 and USD 307.  Knowing we are the link between the partnership of our customer and the local school is a great feeling that we hope to continue to expand on over the next few years. If you are a Farmway customer outside of the three current districts please make sure to check with us next year as we hopefully have partnered with your school district in the future.

Our employees are your neighbors, have kids in your school, and wave at you on the roads we use, and look to build your respect as we create programs like this to support the future of our youth.

I invite you to take a moment to let the feeling sink in of how you may be proud if you were a part of something larger than just ‘using’ propane. We look forward to partnering with you to make this happen.

If you would like to be introduced to any member of our propane team, from the driver to the manager, please do not hesitate to call or stop by our Minneapolis or Beloit office, and we would be happy to get to know you better.

Thank you for your consideration, we hope you get the chance to feel as good about this opportunity as we do.

We are looking forward to knowing you as a customer and a partner.

Lee Parker
VP of Energy
Farmway Co-op, Inc.