Fuel Tanks

For over one hundred years, Farmway has been delivering fuel products in north central Kansas. In that time, tanks have moved closer to the ground and become larger in size. In order to make sure that you have your fuel stored in a fashion that is convenient to you, we offer sales and lease programs for many styles of refined fuel tanks. In addition to the tank, we also inventory and sell all of the dispensing components to get the fuel from the tank to your vehicle/equipment in a safe and convenient fashion.

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Predicting what their fuel usage will be and knowing when they need a delivery is not an easy task for most fuel users. With technological advances, we have found more efficient ways to monitor tank levels than by simply looking at the hard-to-read gauge located on the tank. Fuel monitors allow the supplier to know their customer tank levels on a daily basis and offer the ability to provide services above and beyond the simple delivery of the product.

Tank Testing / Fuel Sampling

Fuel doesn’t last like it used to. With changes in the sulfur content, the addition of soy/bio additives at the refinery or pipeline, and the larger storage tanks utilized, the entrance and impact of moisture and water in your fuel storage systems will continue to become a bigger issue. In order to know about these issues before you see a problem with your equipment, we offer the ability to sample tank bottoms to make sure water or algae is not present in your storage tank. In addition, we provide fuel quality sampling to determine if there are issues that are not visibly detectible.

Fuel Warranty

If you find yourself with a new piece of equipment, tractor, sprayer or combine, and burn our diesel fuel, then be sure to take advantage of our fuel equipment warranty. One initial signup, and if you ever have issues with injectors, fuel pumps or related components, our fuel supplier will pay for any repairs necessary to a covered component.

Fuel Route Delivery

Although a premium product is important, we feel that the service we offer to support our products is even more crucial to your business. Our drivers try to predict your fuel needs and get it delivered in a prompt, safe and courteous fashion. As you can see on the map, even if we are not delivering to you, we are already delivering to your neighbors. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible with our fuel delivery trucks, while still exceeding your needs in getting the fuel to you on time.

Fuel Contracts

Fuel prices will almost always be one thing: unpredictable. There is, however, a method to take all of the volatility out of fuel prices. Every year, Farmway offers fuel pricing and contracting programs that can set the fuel price for you when you need it the most. This enables you to know the impact that fuel costs will have on your operations and manage your business in a profitable fashion. We have several programs that can be designed with the appropriate product, timeframe, delivery method and payment plan that best fits your needs.