3¢ Discount/Gallon

Users of the Farmway fuel card experience many benefits to enhance their fuel purchases. For all customers that qualify, we offer a three-cent discount for all fuel purchases at Farmway fueling sites. In addition, your fuel expenses are all combined on a monthly bill and can be set to display other information such as vehicle numbers, odometer readings and location utilized. The fuel card is accepted at more than twenty sites located in North Central Kansas with new locations being added frequently. Apply for a card today!

Eligible for Patronage

Plus, Farmway members are eligible for patronage at the discretion of the Farmway Board of Directors. You may ask, what is patronage? A cooperative, such as Farmway, is a business owned and controlled by its members (that could be you!), governed democratically through its members and board of directors, and when profitable, the cooperative passes that profit, called patronage, to its members. *Farmway Fuel Card Holders don’t have to be a member of Farmway Co-op. Major credit card are accepted at all fueling sites.

Farmway Fuel Gift Cards

Farmway Fuel Gift Cards are an easy way to keep friends and family going, wherever the road leads. They’re the right gift for a special occasion or an everyday surprise. Farmway Fuel Gift Cards can be used at all Farmway fueling sites as well as convenience stores that accept the Farmway Fuel Card. Give the gift of “go” today!