Many of you have seen our F.A.R.M. trial sites throughout north central Kansas this summer. So, just what is a F.A.R.M. site? Agronomic input decisions can be a challenge to manage at best – Who should I trust with my input purchase? What issues am I going to have with this product? How does it relate to my bottom line? Does it really show a yield increase?

These are all questions a F.A.RM. trial site answers. In the spring of 2012, Farmway made the investment in a planter. Why invest so much into just planting trial sites? The agronomy team at Farmway is stepping up and showing you, producer-owners, what really works and why you can trust Farmway with such an important input decision on your farm.

One plot alone will not tell the story, but when you combine more than 20 trials between corn, soybeans, wheat and milo, a more definite result will emerge.

Our F.A.R.M. trials are local. Farmway is testing the product on a local level in your community to prove whether or not “it works” and “where to place” a product. Just like batting averages, the more “at bats” or in our case, product trials, the more trustworthy the data is at the end.

Ask a Farmway field marketer for the F.A.R.M. trial site results this fall and check for yourself if it “really works.”

Have questions? Contact a Farmway Agronomy Sales Person. After all, what are partners for?