Notice of Special Meeting of the Stockholders of Farmway Co-op, Inc.

Farmway and CVA have entered into a Merger Agreement through which the business operation of the two cooperatives will be combined upon a Membership Vote of Approval

Propane Impact 4 Kids Program benefits area school districts

Be a Proud Supporter of Our Local Youth #IMPACT4KIDS

Farmway 2017 Photography Contest

Showcase the beauty of agriculture through the art of photography

Farmway, CVA Board of Directors unanimously approve next step in bringing merger to a vote

After a review of the recently completed merger study, the Board of Directors of Farmway Co-op, Inc. (Farmway) and Central Valley Ag (CVA) both unanimously approved the next step in a merger of the two cooperatives. The merger proposal will now be presented to Farmway members for a vote.

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Farmway launches “Farmway Propane Impact 4 Kids” program

Farmway Co-op, Inc. launches “Farmway Propane Impact 4 Kids,” a program focused on making a significant investment to Kansas education. From the Energy Staff at Farmway Co-op, we want to say hello to you. As an employee group, we challenged ourselves to find a way to give back to our rural communities in a way […]

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KARL leaders graduate to assist Kansas

Salina, Kansas – “The Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership Program helped the Class XIII leaders find a way to change their world by building on their integrity, confidence, discipline, professionalism, self-development, global viewpoint & servant ethos. Our newest KARL Graduates now possess a sense to serve and follow, in order to LEAD” stated Al Davis, […]

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Helping Our Owners Succeed

Farmway's purpose is put into action through its four core values: Sharing Our Profits/Success, Leading with Innovative/Customized Solutions, Developing Professional/Passionate Employees and Providing Global Market Access.

Ask your Farmway representative about the cooperative's purpose of Helping Our Owners Succeed - our purpose of Helping YOU Succeed.

Providing Long-Term Grain Marketing Solutions

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Membership Application

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Farmway Fuel Card Application

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