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Central Valley Ag, Farmway announce merger

Farmway Co-op, Inc. membership votes to approve unification with Central Valley Ag (CVA). After a series of 13 informational voting sessions, accounting firm K-COE ISOM certified the owners of Farmway approved the merger with CVA by a super majority of 91%.

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Farmway announces 2017 scholarship winners

BELOIT, KS – As part of the Farmway commitment to its communities, Farmway has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships throughout north central Kansas since the program’s inception in 1972. It is with great honor that Farmway announces this year’s scholarships to such outstanding individuals. Receiving an award for the Producer-Member scholarship of $1,000 each, […]

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Farmway launches “Farmway Propane Impact 4 Kids” program

Farmway Co-op, Inc. launches “Farmway Propane Impact 4 Kids,” a program focused on making a significant investment to Kansas education. From the Energy Staff at Farmway Co-op, we want to say hello to you. As an employee group, we challenged ourselves to find a way to give back to our rural communities in a way […]

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Farmway's purpose is put into action through its four core values: Sharing Our Profits/Success, Leading with Innovative/Customized Solutions, Developing Professional/Passionate Employees and Providing Global Market Access.

Ask your Farmway representative about the cooperative's purpose of Helping Our Owners Succeed - our purpose of Helping YOU Succeed.

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